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Cloudwise is the first Google for Education Partner Premier in the Netherlands. We develop applications that improve day-to-day learning and working in the classroom. More than 230,000 students and 30,000 teachers are happy to work with our COOL platform every day!

Our applications are inspired by the empowerment and boost that G Suite for Education and Chromebooks offer schools. We want IT for schools to be manageble, easy and fun to use! Have you heard about our COOL Picture Login for example? Young students can start working on their Chromebooks by logging in with a combination of pictures. This helps teachers to focus on actual teaching instead of walking around helping students with remembering their complicated email addresses and passwords. The students are then logged in into their G Suite account, not just into their device. Their settings and bookmarks will be there, wherever they work!

This video shows you how the picture login works:

One easy solution that saves you time
The Picture Login is part of our COOL platform. Within the COOL platform students can find their work and easily navigate to applications from publishers and other educational material. Teachers can make these apps available to their specific classes, with just a couple clicks. Single Sign On makes things easier for your sudents: they do not have to log in repeatedly and remember several passwords. The Google Classroom integration makes it easy for you to hand out assignments, monitor progress, grade school work and give feedback. The COOL solution can also be linked to your Student Administration System (SAS), such as iSAMS. It syncs your school data automatically between iSAMS, G Suite and Office 365. This saves you time by not having to do the same adjustments at several places and avoids errors. Working with another SAS? No problem, let us know!

Stay in control: monitoring
You can monitor your students without having to leave your desk! You can keep an eye on their progress digitally and monitor their online behaviour. Close browser tabs, push a website, lock screens, use exam mode or message a student: our monitoring tool has all the functionalities you need.

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